Set your life

Your holiday like a movie set

Have you ever dreamt of starring in a film location?

What if I told you that there is a place where your fantasy can come true?


You might be wondering why I'm telling you about this....


Did you know that the Flamingo was one of the sets that hosted the Netflix series Summertime and the docufilm dedicated to the legendary Raffaella Carrà?!

So now, imagine immersing yourself in the vibrant and unique atmosphere of this iconic venue, strolling through its spaces and feeling like an integral part of a film scene. The Flamingo offers the perfect setting to experience every moment of the summer in an original way.

Whether you are a film buff or simply want to experience something out of the ordinary, the Flamingo welcomes you to be the real deal.


What are you waiting for?

Let yourself be transported on a film adventure and discover the unique charm of this magical place.

Become the Star of your holiday with our exclusive services ✨


🦩 Flavours from around the world at the Flamingo Restaurant

Savour authentic dishes and flavours from our AIC-certified cuisine in an exclusive ambience with a touch of magic and history.


🦩 Artistic Cocktails by the Poolside

Our cocktails are true sartorial works of art, designed to satisfy the palate and the eyes, perfect to be enjoyed in total relaxation by the poolside, accompanied by the gentle murmur of the whirlpool.


🦩 Sport and Fun without Limits

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a tennis fan, or simply keen to explore the surroundings in an active way, we have it all for you. From our fitness area to adventures on rickshaws and bicycles to peaceful canoe exploration, Hotel Flamingo offers a wide range of activities to keep you fit and entertained.


🦩 Sea and Beach at your fingertips

Forget the car and the roads to cross. At Hotel Flamingo, the crystal-clear sea and golden beaches await you right in front, ready to offer you the ultimate in relaxation and fun without any obstacles.


Choose a holiday at the Hotel Flamingo, where every day is a film set: 'Your life is a set'.


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